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English Ministry

We had our first English Worship Service on February 10, 1991. Since the Cantonese Congregation is made up of families, these families started to have children. The children were raised with English as their first language. As the English Speaking children grew up, they started to invite both Asian as well as non-Asian friends to attend the church.

Currently, we have around 40 adults that attend our English Worship service. Fellowships for our English Speaking brothers and sisters range from College to Adults.

Cantonese Ministry

Before 1975, several Cantonese Speaking Baptist families had already moved to the West San Gabriel Valley. This includes the cities of Monterey Park, South San Gabriel, Rosemead and Alhambra. God gave them the vision to see the need of having a Chinese Baptist Church in these communities not only to serve their own spiritual need but also to serve other Cantonese Speaking Chinese in these communities.

On July 3, 1977, the Monterey Park Chinese Baptist Church (MPCBC) was officially constituted with 13 chartered members with vision to reach Cantonese Speaking people in the San Gabriel Valley.

Currently, we have around 100 adults that attend our Cantonese worship, and fellowship with us during the week. Fellowships for our Cantonese Speaking brothers and sisters range from Young Adults to Seniors.

Youth Ministry

Youth Ministry:

Because of the cultural differences between English Speaking and Chinese Speaking Youths, we saw a need to have separate ministries and fellowship groups that can be culturally relevant to the youths.

Currently, we have 3 youth ministries: English Speaking, Mandarin Speaking & Cantonese Speaking.

Mandarin Youth Ministry:

We are a group of young Christ followers speaking mainly Mandarin. Most of us also speak English, Cantonese, or Spanish. We are aged from 13 yrs old to 26 yrs old. We eat together,

learn together, have outing, and serve the community together.

We meet every Friday night from 7:00pm to 9:00pm. We play games and worship together first, and later on separate into two age groups for major meeting contents.

You are very WELCOME to join us! God bless you!